August 2015 - Asystec

Enterprise to the Cloud

Can and should my Enterprise Applications live in the Cloud? The “cloud” is the current buzzword for something we in Information Technology have been building for the last decade. Whether an on premise private cloud, or a publicly hosted cloud service provider. The goal is the same, deliver Information Technology resources in a manner that […]

Software Defined Data Centre

Software defined storage is developing alongside software defined networking and unified platforms, is another great leap on the horizon. What are the criteria for an organisation to decide on its next move in storage, leveraging existing assets as much as possible? The software defined data centre aims to break down these application solution silos by abstracting […]

Why use Managed Security Service Providers

Security has never been out of the public eye, but lately, it seems, it has rarely been out of the headlines.  Is it time for organisations to admit that they simply cannot keep pace with the volume, velocity and variety of threats now faced? Is it time for enterprise to hand over responsibility to a […]

Differentiate in a very busy market

What can you offer in the data centre market to differentiate you in an increasingly homogeneous market? Asystec, a technical integrator and distributor of information technology products and solutions in Ireland and the UK, work almost exclusively in the datacentre space. We assist customers in driving cost and complexity from their large IT environments. In […]

Challenge in managing Enterprise Mobility

With the development of both management tools and device features, what is currently the greatest challenge for organisations in managing enterprise mobility and what can you do to help? The primary challenge for enterprises when considering adopting a EMM strategy is how to adequately assess the risk of exposing business processes and data to devices […]

Pressure on IT Security has never been greater

With targeted attacks predicted to rise, the rapid pace of smart connected device deployment and demand for access to more information than ever before, anywhere on anything, the pressure on IT security has never been greater – do you agree? Historically investment in security meant securing the single egress/ingress points into an organisation, however with […]

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