May 2016 - Asystec

The low-down on EMC All-Flash

Flash is now the new normal thanks to it’s affordability, agility, efficiency, and speed… So what does this mean for your business? Consistent, predictable low latency performance across your infrastructure, while dramatically reducing cost and complexity. While flash is the underlying storage media, it is EMC’s architectures and software that distinguish it from others. Performance […]

Software Defined Networking

In your experience, which area of the evolving network technology landscape are Irish organisations struggling with, and what can you do to help? Software defined networking is the biggest change in the IT Industry in years. Historically, the “plumbing” of the IT industry has been static and slow to implement change due to the inherent […]

Managing Mobility in the Enterprise

How can you accommodate the full range of employee owned devices, while safeguarding data and managing the apps necessary to enable enterprise mobility? When it comes to accessing corporate data organisations have to decide on what access model they want to adopt, ranging from only being able to access data on company provided equipment on […]

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