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More and more Irish organisations are dipping their toe into the world of cloud services and 2016 is seeing massive growth in this area.  Irish customer are also benefiting from the fact that the main cloud services giants have a datacentre presence in Ireland.

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are the leaders in this area and offer a vast array of features and services at a low PAYG cost model which can help reduce an organisations TCO. However most organisations are not getting the value that they could be.

The use of cloud services in a lot of companies has been driven by development teams who are being reactive to demand.  This lack of planning and accountability has led to them using standard compute and storage, and not looking at the various tiers available.  A proper usage assessment for compute and storage could see organisations saving thousands on their monthly cloud spend.  “Pricing for various AWS storage services is complicated and thus difficult to understand and predict” – Gartner, July 2016

AWS has been primarily focusing on public cloud whereas Azure have been taking a slightly different approach and have been developing their new Portal to manage both public cloud and on premise virtualisation.  Azures pricing models are a little easier to understand but they do lack some of the feature of AWS especially in the area of Object and Block storage.

Asystec has a dedicated Cloud Services division that can help our customers understand cloud costing models and assist in Cloud migration.

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