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On the brink of Digital Transformation

Birth of a new species In my previous two blogs, I offered a bird’s eye view of the new IT landscape and key considerations around digital transformation. In blog 1 we looked at communication and speed, fundamental elements in the survival of the fittest in a cruel and competitive world. In blog 2 we closed in on the terrain to evaluate […]

The Four Keys to the Kingdom

It’s a jungle out there Welcome to a 3-blog series with some Asystec insights on how to cut through the jungle of confusion and complexity around digital transformation. We’ll explore why forward momentum is often tricky for companies who aren’t too sure how to cut through the dense undergrowth. Our goal, in an adaptive world […]

Introducing … Ultra Hyper Converged Infrastructure

In an age of technological acceleration and marketing hyperbole, it’s possible to miss the gold amidst the glitter. But you heard it here first: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is no longer the Next Big Thing.  Step forward … Ultra Hyper-Converged Infrastructure! Cloud has its place – if companies want mainly to be able to scale up and […]

HCI and the modern CIO

Rethinking infrastructure Gartner’s annual CIO Agenda report is one of the world’s largest surveys of over 2,500 peers and a great barometer of their priorities for the year ahead. One of this year’s central insights is the idea that leading CIOs are already preparing for nothing less than the “next evolution of digitalisation” – the “digital ecosystem surge” […]

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