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Software Defined Datacentre

Where is Software-defined infrastructure on your roadmap?

We know organisations are looking for specific steps to help them design an efficient transition to the SDDC.

Asystec partner with VMware and EMC to enable you to build your software defined datacentre.


EMC ScaleIO is software that creates a server based SAN from local application server storage to deliver flexible and scalable performance and capacity on demand.

It converges storage and computer resources of commodity hardware into single layer architecture.

It provides enterprise grade data protection, multi-tenant capabilities and add on enterprise features such as QoS, thin provisioning, and snapshots.

emc scaleio
Massive Scalability – ScaleIO is designed to massively scale from three to thousands of nodes.

Extreme Performance – every server in the ScaleIO cluster is used in the processing of I/O operations, making all I/O and throughput accessible to any application within the cluster.

Unparalleled Flexibility – ScaleIO provides flexible deployment options. The first option is called “two layer” and is when the application and storage are installed in separate servers in the ScaleIO cluster. The second option is called “hyper-converged” and is when the application and storage are installed on the same servers in the ScaleIO cluster. ScaleIO is infrastructure agnostic making it a true software defined storage product.

Enterprise grade protection and resiliency – With ScaleIO, there is no single point of failure. It provides data protection and resiliency through two copy meshed mirroring of randomly sliced and distributed “data chunks” across multiple storage devices and servers. If a server or storage outage occurs, ScaleIO automatically rebuilds the failed blocks and rebalances the data to self-heal the cluster.

Compelling Economics – There are obvious cost benefits to ScaleIO that have been proven to deliver greater than 60% TCO savings vs Traditional SAN. The software only system utilises commodity hardware to create a server based SAN; therefore there are no dedicated storage components like fabric and HBA’s.

VMware Virtual SAN

VMware Virtual SAN is a radically simple, enterprise class shared storage solution for hyper converged infrastructure optimised for vSphere virtual machines.

vmware vsan
Radically simple – make your job easier by simplifying storage provisioning and management for vSphere – deploy storage with just a few mouse clicks from the vSphere web client and enjoy native integration with the VMware stack.

50% lower TCO – Deploy on inexpensive industry standard server components to eliminate large up-front investments and expand with predictable “grow as you go” scaling. Virtual SAN lowers the OPEX by eliminating siloed, purpose built hardware and automating management of storage service levels through VM centric policies.

Advanced Availability and management – Discover why customers of all industries and sizes trust virtual SAN to run mission critical workloads, from key business applications to thousands of virtual desktops.

Exceptional Performance – Built on an optimised I/O data path in the hypervisor, virtual SAN delivers much better performance than a virtual appliance or external device.

Enterprise ready storage – Trust your data with the only hypervisor embedded storage solution. Virtual SAN delivers all flash configurations for up to 90k IOPS per host, vSphere fault tolerance support, asynchronous replication with up to five minutes RPO’s and new stretched cluster capabilities for continuous availability.

Linearly scalable storage – Virtual SAN delivers predictable, elastic and non-disruptive scaling of storage and compute resources – eliminating costly forklift upgrades.

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