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Asystec partner with EMC to help organisations to efficiently store, protect and manage your organisations data.


Redefine the possible with XtremIO all flash array, ideal for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Transforming your Datacentre can totally transform your business, and storage is key to accelerating the process. IT Consolidation and optimisation drives agility across your entire organisation.

You are able to respond, react and succeed in ways that were once impossible with EMC’s XtremIO. XtremIO is a purpose built, scale out all flash array powered by intel processors.



EMC VMAX is mission critical storage for hyper consolidation and delivering IT as a service. The EMC VMAX family consists of VMAX3 and VMAX 10k/40k.


VMAX3 is the world’s first enterprise data services platform that automates service level delivery securely across all IT infrastructures.

Automate – Address the exponential growth in data and applications by automating recurring tasks and processes critical to a business’ success.
Modernise your datacentre by enabling new business applications and incorporating the latest technological advancements in hardware and software.

Converge – VMAX3 delivers true convergence by converging autonomous systems into a consolidated platform. IT departments benefit from a management, environmental and operational cost perspective.


EMC VMAX 10K, is the most affordable tier 1 multi-controller array, purpose built for performance and efficiency to consolidate applications in virtual environments.

Powerful – VMAX 10K has performance and scale for application consolidation in virtual environments.

Trusted – VMAX 10K delivers full enterprise class availability, data integrity and security.

SMART – VMAX 10K is self-tiering and optimised for virtual computing with automated tiering for maximum performance.

vmax 10k


The VNX family allows for the most flexible, unified hybrid flash storage on the market – consolidate the most workloads and the lowest cost.

EMC VNX Series

Consolidate multiple workloads and handle unpredictable IT environments with EMC VNX unified hybrid storage arrays. EMC VNX gives the right amount of flash capacity and application-aware software and scale up storage for midrange workloads. It is optimised for virtual applications and cloud environments.

EMC VNXe Series

EMC VNXe series is the most affordable of storage arrays which brings to the market high-end features and performance at entry level. There is a choice of unified or block-level, hybrid or all-flash. With application aware software included EMC VNXe is easy to manage, provision and protect.

emc vnx

EMC Isilon

EMC Isilon is a high performing, clustered Network Attached Storage (NAS) that scales to your performance and capacity requirements.

EMC Isilon is the ideal platform to store, manage, and protect unstructured data. Isilon is simple to manage and offers unmatched efficiency and flexibility.

EMC Isilon Platform Nodes and Accelerators – Efficient, cost effective storage for big data from a single file system, serving I/O intensive applications, storage and nearline archives.

EMC Isilon Infrastructure Software – Powerful tools to protect your data, control costs and optimise storage resources and system performance for your big data environment.
EMC Isilon oneFS operating system – Intelligently combines file system, volume manager and data protection across all nodes within a cluster.
emc isilon

Availability - EMC VPLEX

Deploy next generation virtualisation architecture to enable simultaneous information access within, between and across datacentres.

Data Mobility – Move applications, virtual machines and data in and between datacentres without impacting users.

Continuous Availability – Deliver application and data availability within the datacentre and over distance with full infrastructure utilisation and zero downtime.

Stretched clusters – Stretch VMware, Oracle, RAC and other industry leading clusters over distance for new levels of availability.

Migrations – Non disruptive data migrations that enable risk free, faster tech refreshes and load balancing.
Scale-out cluster architecture – start small and grow with predictable service levels on a foundation of scalable highly available processor engines.

emc vplex

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