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How can currently available data protection tools support GDPR compliance?

With such a focus on data privacy, data protection tools have moved center stage as organisations grapple with preparations for GDPR. We ask our in-house expert, Kevin Stanford, to give us his opinion on what tools might make GDPR compliance a bit easier.


As a trusted technology partner, how do you help customers begin or continue their digital transformation journey?

Digital Transformation is at it’s core a business transformation journey and an evolution on how successful businesses are operating to ensure business products and services reach their target market from, inception to release in an agile manner, without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction…



Mobility in the workplace is a continuing demand on enterprise IT and with predictions for this area indicating continued growth, year on year, mobile isn’t new anymore, it’s the new normal…


How can current BC&DR offerings help organisations with current issues, such as ransomware, data breaches and new data regulation?

Data lives in many places and many forms in today’s world, SaaS applications, file shares, databases, business applications, whether this data is on premise / off premise or in the cloud, each in their own silo – how can an organization cover off these requirements….


HCI and the modern CIO

Thought provoking article from Lorne Chedzey on HCI and the modern CIO


Misconceptions and Misdirections: 4 Myths about Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Carrie Morris, VMWare Account Manager, gives her insight into the 4 myths about hyper-converged infrastructure

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With converged infrastructure sales wavering, but hyperconverged taking off, what do Irish organisations need to know to ensure they make the right bet in this area?

For years, we have been dealing with the build your own IT infrastructure versus converged solutions and both have merit but it is up to each organisation to define which is right for them…

Ryan O' Donnell

Are managed security services now mature enough in Ireland for an organisation to give up traditional solutions and go entirely with a Managed Security Sevice Provider?

Solutions Architect with Asystec, Ryan O’ Donnell gives us his opinion…

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Network virtualisation: an opportunity for real competitive advantage

Lorne Chedzey, Asystec SDDC sales manager talks about how network virtualisation is an opportunity for real competitive advantage.

Michael Spillane

Data data wherefore art thou data?

Surprisingly, even with all the talks and events circulating with regard to the ‘looming’ GDPR, a lot of companies that we talk to have no plans in place to address the strict regulations.

Journey to the digital workspace - Asystec and VMware

The consumerisation of IT has increased the potential for digital disruption across many industries. While this move towards a flexible end-user experience delivers benefits to an organisation, such as agility, collaboration and staff retention it also presents risks. In this short video, Joe Baguley (EMEA CTO, VMware) and the team at Asystec and VMware will take you through the journey to the digital workspace.

Ryan O' Donnell

Should Irish organisations ignore the web-scale trends and focus more on enterprise reliability for their network infrastructure?

Dynamic and Flexibility are somewhat over used words within IT industry in the past few years, everything seemed to be described as dynamic this and flexible that without much explanation being provided as to the actual features and benefits of a dynamic and flexible estate.


Lets talk VMware NSX!

VMware NSX is the network virtualisation platform for the SDDC. NSX embeds networking and security functionality that is typically dealt with in the hypervisor.

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Build your own Business and Technology Briefing here at Asystec

The Asystec Executive Briefing Centre’s offer our customers a unique opportunity to explore the solutions and technologies we provide. Read this post to find out exactly what happens when you attend an Asystec briefing!

Brendan McPhillips

User Behaviour Analytics is key to IT Security

With the mobile and online worlds we live and work in today there are multiple ‘perimeters’ and attack surfaces and they change all the time – often in minutes. So the security experts have generally moved to instant and real-time defence as the more effective approach.

Security expert and Director of the Security and Governance practice here at Asystec explains all…

Peter O Connor

What advice would Asystec offer end user organisations in the post safe harbour age as they gear up for the implementation of the new general data protection regulations?

Asystec Data Protection Specialist, Peter O’ Connor explains all.


The low-down on EMC All-Flash

In today’s lightening fast digital world, it is critical for businesses to make their move to the modern data centre where flash reigns supreme.

Enterprise Mobility Post

Enterprise Mobility

Managing mobility in enterprise is a tricky business, with many finding the device fleet a particular challenge. With new tools allowing for a three pronged approach to manage devices, applications and content, is this beast finally tamed?


Take a look at this short video from our recent NSX seminar and hear first-hand the expertise and skill set that the Asystec and VMware partnership are bringing to the market.

NSX delivers proven networking for the Software Defined Datacentre, Security and Micro-segmentation, Agility and streamlined operations and a platform for advanced networking and security services

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Hear Solution Architect Kevin Stanford discuss the Asystec business continuity and disaster recovery service.

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Enterprise to the Cloud

Can and should my Enterprise Applications live in the Cloud?

Kevin Stanford

Differentiate in a very busy market

What can you offer in the data centre market to differentiate you in an increasingly homogeneous market?

Brendan McPhillips

Pressure on IT Security has never been greater

With targeted attacks predicted to rise, the rapid pace of smart connected device deployment and demand for access to more information than ever before, anywhere on anything, the pressure on IT security has never been greater – do you agree?

Victor Forde

Software Defined Data Centre

Software defined storage is developing alongside software defined networking and unified platforms, is another great leap on the horizon. What are the criteria for an organisation to decide on its next move in storage, leveraging existing assets as much as possible?

Brendan McPhillips

What are the key concerns for organisations in moving to a Managed Security Service?

Brendan McPhillips, Director of Security at Asystec, offers this advice to organisations when moving to a managed security service.

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