When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished.  What he does after that is all in the line of work.  ~ Edward F. Croker

So maybe Mr. Croker didn’t quite mean the Asystec Fire Department, but we’ll certainly take the compliment.! ?


Involved in the Cannonball event for the last number of years, Asystec were delighted to once again be a proud participant and tour sponsor for Cannonball 2019. Team Asystec joined over 400+ participants, 190 supercars and 150,000 spectators this weekend all for a good cause and joined the Ireland Cannonball tour across Ireland in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.

Now in its 10th year, Cannonball is the largest organised road trip in Europe. The trip seen over 190 supercars including McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Maserati, Rolls Royce and Bentley, blaze a trail through the towns and counties of Ireland.


We could be Hero’s (Just for one day!)

This year’s event theme was ‘Heroes, Inventors, Revolutionaries and Movies’ and who better heroes than those who risk their own lives to save others – Firefighters.

Not one to do things by halves, the Asystec team sourced a firetruck, some fireman suits and a bundle of enthusiasm for the cause and set about creating the ‘Asystec Cannonball Fire Department’

Asystec MD Les Byrne spoke of the experience. “We’d followed the norm previous years and entered some super cars, so this year we just wanted to just have fun with the theme and not take ourselves too seriously. We had great craic in the fire engine and it was lovely to see that the spectators (kids big and small) enjoyed it too”. Les explains “Cannonball has always been great fun for a great cause so it’s a win-win for us.” he continued.


All for a good cause

Cannonball have already raised an amazing €1,000,000 for Irish charities since the events inception and we look forward to continuing to be part of that success. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for the total figure raised in 2019. Well done to the Cannonball team for another fantastic weekend.