In February of this year, Varonis launched the ‘Varonis Elite’ program. A Global initiative that brings cybersecurity and Varonis enthusiasts together, to learn more from one another and engage with Varonis in new ways that were never possible before. Members are nominated based on their knowledge of Varonis and the cybersecurity industry.

Earlier this week Asystec received the fantastic new that Senior Data Security & Governance Consultant Peter O’Connor had been accepted into the Varonis Elite program.

“I’m honoured and proud to be selected as a Varonis Elite 2019”, Peter comments, “I’m looking forward to becoming part of this community of peers to promote the Varonis technology and enhance its capabilities.”

The programme recognises those who contribute their knowledge and time to the Varonis Customer Community. Members meet monthly as a team with product experts on different security topics and are given the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experience by speaking, guest blogging and more.

Well done Peter.