Data lives in many places and many forms in today’s world, SaaS applications, file shares, databases, business applications, whether this data is on premise / off premise or in the cloud, each in their own silo – how can an organization cover off these requirements.

This is causing problems for a lot of customers using the traditional backup and recovery tools. Traditional backup architecture can have limitations in terms of the needs of the business. As businesses evolve and recovery point and time objectives (RPO/RTO) for critical applications reduce, this traditional approach may not suffice.

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack has raised global awareness of the importance of having a recovery strategy that will ensure business continuity should an outbreak occur. A strategic approach to data management and an end point protection policy are key to protect from the threat of ransomware in the face of the ever increasing risk. There are various components required to ensure data loss prevention, these include hard disk and file encryption, early detection alerts, and a data protect and recovery solution.

Coupled with the ever approaching General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) companies are faced with the challenge of implementing a holistic and strategic information governance program.

As recovery solutions evolve and advanced technology is implemented, there is a need for quick recoveries and security measures embedded within the backup solution along with a mechanism for ensuring the data backed up is indexed and searchable.

Asystec have various product offerings that provide a complete solution in terms of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, these have the ability for early detection around ransomware & also provide the required functionality to cover off GDPR requirements.

Asystec can help with tailoring a solution to address the needs of your business, with strong vendor partnerships & enterprise class solutions along with expert professional services.