Company Name: Confidential
Country:  Ireland
Industry: Life Sciences – Pharmaceutical
Key Vendor(s): VMware

Business Requirements
With a cloud spend in excess of €75k per annum our client decided that it was the right time to introduce cost governance, to ensure rightsizing and efficiency of their Multi-cloud environment to reduce OPEX. Costs for managing the cloud environment, executive level reporting, and chargeback to the business units were required. They required a solution that can realise the cost savings or reserved instances, but not pass on all of those savings to the business, enabling the IT business unit to retain some of these savings for running the cloud centre of excellence. The cloud centre of excellence needed to ensure there was no wastage and surprise charges for the business and overall ensure from a security perspective the environments were both governed and automated as much as possible.


The Delivery

  • Asystec provided a managed service that supports multi cloud operations and is designed to provide cost analysis, chargeback, rightsizing and best practice recommendations. This was for both AWS and Azure.
  • Recommend areas where cost savings could be made. E.g. we reviewed on demand resources and recommended they be moved to reserved instances to benefit from larger discounts.
  • Workloads were identified where policies were applied to start, stop and resize workloads to save on costs and provide efficiencies and automation.
  • The CloudHealth service is monitoring virtual machines, storage and network spend, Kubernetes based clusters, and virtual desktop technology across both cloud environments.


Core Technology
Asystec Managed Service (CloudHealth)


Client Benefits

  • Customer is saving on average 25% monthly cloud spend.
  • With insights into their cloud usage as business unit adoption grows, their cloud centre of excellence will have the necessary budget to expand.
  • Governance has been applied and security policies automated where appropriate.


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