Company Name: Boston Scientific
Country:  Worldwide
Industry:  Medical Device
Number of Employees: 35,000
Key Vendor(s): Dell Technologies

Business Requirements
Providing reliable and cost-effective storage platforms.


The Delivery

  • Isilon storage for unstructured data with the ability to scale for future workloads.  All while providing a fully redundant configuration.
  • PowerMax, Unity and XtremeIO for block level storage.  Providing a cost-effective solution based off the client’s current workloads and requirements.


What Did We Do?
Asystec provided technical resources for analysis, design and deployment, including:

  • Collaborate with staff to understand current and future needs.
  • Provide a customized solution for projects and system upgrades.
  • Provide on-site installs and upgrades.
  • Work directly with EMC to ensure functionality and help provide a seamless transition to new storage platforms.
  • Provide documentation on system enhancements.
  • Providing ongoing consultancy service (draw down professional services days) as/when required.


Core Technology
Dell Storage – Powermax, Unity, Isilon and XtremeIO


Client Benefits

  • Simplified project management as one partner for new technology, provision and asset/data management – Asystec provided the new technology platforms and installation.
  • Reduced consumption of internal IT resource by presenting client with tailored solutions, saving time and money.
  • Time savings due to reduced ‘time to delivery’ as a result of the streamlined Asystec service delivery.


If you would like to know more about the above project or any other Asystec projects please feel free to reach out to our team on [email protected].