Company Name: Confidential
Country:  Costa Rica
Industry: Medical Devices
Number of Employees: 32,000 globally
Key Vendor(s): Dell Technology

Business Requirements
The Scope of this Project was to Install and initialise Unity XT 380F and management IPs provided by the Customer.


The Delivery

  • Rack, stack and cabling of the Unity systems at the Customers site in Costa Rica.
  • Provide a Unity Configuration worksheet


What Did We Do?
Asystec personnel worked closely with Customer’s staff to perform the services specified below:

  • Gathering Customer environment information to complete the Configuration Worksheet with details required for planning Dell EMC Unity system installation.
  • Performed pre-installation validation comparing the equipment against Configuration Worksheet including licenses, software on a service laptop or management station, and tools required for installation.
  • Unpacked and installed DPE, DAEs and dense DAEs into a single Dell EMC Unity system as applicable.
  • Installed the Dell EMC Unity system including racking, cabling the components, attaching to the Customer’s rack power and IP network, and powering up and validating that the system is online.
  • Configured Storage Processor management interface, registered the system, installed licenses, upgraded software as required, added DNS and NTP information, added support credentials, and configured ESRS.
  • Connected Newly installed Storage to customer network for handover.
  • Set up Dell EMC Unity storage array connectivity to CloudIQ.
  • Moved used packaging materials to trash and recycling facility or other designated area within the immediate installation location.
  • Verified the installation and configuration results by running a system health report.
  • Provided the Customer with Configuration Worksheet and Configuration Report from the Dell EMC Unity system.

Core Technology

  • DellEMC Unity – next generation midrange unified storage array.


Client Benefits

  • Simplified project management as one partner for complete new technology provision and asset/data management – Asystec provided the new technology platforms, installation, migration and removal of the decommissioned kit and data destruction.
  • Reduced cost of using internal IT skilled resources for tactical low skilled service.
  • Cost savings by acquiring highly skilled resources for a particular project without the long term cost commitment of employment.
  • Consolidated reporting and consolidated pricing models as a result of a standard ITAD service available for global deployment.
  • Time savings due to reduced ‘time to delivery’ as a result of the streamlined Asystec service delivery.
  • Improved user experience for employees – increased speed and agility

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