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With the development of both management tools and device features, what is currently the greatest challenge for organisations in managing enterprise mobility and what can you do to help?

The primary challenge for enterprises when considering adopting a EMM strategy is how to adequately assess the risk of exposing business processes and data to devices and applications that lack the controls, protections and visibility that traditional enterprise systems afford.

While the adoption of consumer based devices for enterprise activities has become wide spread, the reality is that even the most effective MDM, MAM and EMM tools still greatly increase the risk of data loss and the potential for enterprise systems to become compromised.

Enterprises today must be granular in their adoption of consumer and mobile devices and they must understand that each business process that is extended to mobile systems stands a much greater chance of negatively affecting the security of that business operation.

Asystec would advise a multipronged approach to building an effective EMM strategy. First, identity and access management is key.

Data access should be assessed on a regular basis to ensure that permissions are based on a least privilege model and that risk data is archived or destroyed as appropriate.

Next, the critical business operations should be mapped to people, technology and process to ensure that effective risk assessments can be performed to identify vulnerabilities at every point in the chain.

Finally Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management tools should be used to limit the risk of data loss, inter application communication and to ensure that lost / compromised devices can be tracked and wiped in a timely manner. Asystec partners with Varonis, RSA and Symantec to ensure a best of breed EMM strategy.

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Pat O Callaghan
Pat O’ Callaghan – Information Security Consultant

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