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Changing of the Buzz Words: Dynamic and Flexibility are somewhat over used words within IT industry in the past few years, everything seemed to be described as dynamic this and flexible that without much explanation being provided as to the actual features and benefits of a dynamic and flexible estate. I believe what Dynamic and flexible actually meant was having the ability to change and this is indeed is very important to many, but so was the ability create a trusted, performant environment that delivers against your business needs, goals and aspirations.


The emergence of converged and hyper converged systems has aided many IT teams to concentrate on evolution within their Data centre, whether that be through investigation into Data Analytics, DEVOPS, enhanced security compliance etc, but also it has resulted in internal reflection and process revolution and how converged, hyper converged, network virtualisation all come together to create new enablers for improvement across the estate.  It enabled the environment to change yet included the control and governance to gain the benefits of being dynamic and flexible yet at all times ensuring the business goals were continuing to be met, enhanced and new strategies adopted to enhance the business moving forward.


The inclusion of converged technologies with network disaggregation creates the footprint for the Software Defined Data Centre. These can be utilised to into rule sets, based around enforced SLA’s, ensuring that the same goals are achieved and the business is better protected moving forward.  This business improvement can be focused on time to market, adhearance with compliance standards, specific workload security, enhanced RPO’s and RTO’s and micro segmentation. The ability to utilise VMware NSX, EMX ScaleIO, VSAN and other Software Defined Data Centre technologies enables rules to be created that when choreographed into action triggers enabling automation to be a reality, speed and agility becoming the new dynamic and flexible.


The introduction of the Software Defined Data Centre and Web Scales technologies is important, it provides a Dynamic and flexible estate with the robustness and performance expected from enterprise customers, it enables agility and speed and most importantly the compliance and conformity the embrace these new technologies in a compliant manner.  In this new agile world governance of process is as important as hardware monitoring, it won’t replace the traditional network and data centre approach for every business immediately but will provide the tools to evolve and enhance environments moving forward.

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