With converged infrastructure sales wavering, but hyperconverged taking off, what do Irish organisations need to know to ensure they make the right bet in this area? - Asystec

For years, we have been dealing with the build your own IT infrastructure versus converged solutions and both have merit but it is up to each organisation to define which is right for them. I guess the USP (selling points) of converged infrastructure such as certified configuration, reduced time to deployment and single point of support have been big influencers in bringing Enterprises down this route.

As with any platform decision the solution dictated by your applications and workloads, your IT strategy and business goals.

Hyper Converged technology is relatively new but is fast being adopted as a production platform, mainly because of flexibility to quickly scale capacity up or down based on demand and along with an automation layer it further enhances the ability of IT to be that service provider to the business.

HCI will assist with faster delivery of infrastructure for existing as well as future projects along with the architecture remaining compliant regardless of the scale

We at Asystec have deployed VMware’s Automation stack on Converged infrastructure in the past and just recently implemented VMware Cloud Foundation on top of DellEMC VxRack. This automates the build of the environment and reduces the TTM for new infrastructure.

Some of the reasons this customer choose Cloud Foundation on HCI was VxRack combined with Cloud Foundation supports IaaS and PaaS out of the box (factory configured, ready to go).  It aligns with their Cloud Computing Strategy that promotes standardisation, management and automation of the infrastructure that hosts and supports their business applications and services.

As you formulate your IT strategy it is important to be fully versed in all the options available to you and understand what your applications and business needs are. Asystec can help you identify workload requirements, define objectives and align these to the correct platform for your business.

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