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Asystec work with Dell EMC, VMware, and Cisco to bring the very best converged and hyper converged infrastructure solutions to the market.

Drive your innovation, reduce cost and prepare your enterprise for the future with scalable, flexible convergence.



From fast, easy, zero incident VDI deployments and end user empowerment to building out a complete cloud infrastructure, VSPEX solutions can take your infrastructure to a new level of performance, reliability and agility.

VSPEX end user computing – centralise your business desktops, applications and data.

VSPEX Private Cloud – Designed for flexibility and validated for fast deployments, VSPEX enables you to choose the technology in your complete cloud infrastructure solution.

VSPEX for federation enterprise hybrid cloud – Securely connect your internal private cloud with the public cloud and empower end users to request and provision IT resources through and easy to use self – service portal.

emc vspex


Hyper-simplify EVERYTHING.

VSPEX BLUE gives you a single appliance with compute memory and storage all converged. It is the fastest, simplest way to consolidate and manage your infrastructure.

VSPEX BLUE redefines simplicity. It is a single, very small, smart “Hyper Converged” infrastructure.

Consolidate easily, deploy quickly – Achieve true IT consolidation across an infrastructure, a department or an entire line of business, with limited expertise and limited time.

Please all the people all the time – give everyone an incredible end user experience. Give everyone high performance data and application access and always be ready to scale out.

Anywhere, Everywhere Virtualisation – Implement virtualisation across your business including remote and branch offices without the need for specialised on-site IT staff. Experience worry free rapid set up and easy remote management.

Private/Hybrid cloud made easy – with VSPEX BLUE hooked to your IT, service providers can interface with it, see everything and get answers.

emc vspex blue

Dell EMC Vblock

Vblock systems represent the next evolution of IT – one that unleashes simplicity by delivering the extraordinary efficiency and business agility of virtualisation and cloud computing.

Vblock Data Protection and Mobility – provides a choice of safeguards, optimised for a virtualised or cloud environment.

Vblock Security and compliance – Vblock systems are engineered, architected and hardened to ensure the highest security and simplify compliance requirements.

VCE vision intelligent systems management of Vblock systems, optimising services for a converged infrastructure and integrating directly into VMware technologies.

Single call support – VCE Support ensures quick, coordinated support as needed with a single call to VCE.

vce vblock

Dell EMC VxBlock

Dell EMC offers the industry’s broadest converged infrastructure solution portfolio.

Dell EMC VxBlock systems are an integral member  of the Dell EMC portfolio, offering increased choices to customers when it comes to their datacentre and infrastructure. The first area of flexibility is the choice of network virtualisation solutions of VMware NSX or Cisco ACI.

Flexibility of software defined networking solution – Dell EMC VxBlock systems provide more flexibility to customers by providing the option to choose either Cisco ACI or VMware NSX as network virtualisation technologies that are pre-integrated, supported and sustained by Dell EMC.

Industry best customer experience with lifecycle assurance – Every VxBlock system component receives engineering lifecycle support and single call support. The VxBlock system is a true converged infrastructure – each is engineered, manufactured, managed and supported as one product.

Simplified Converged Management and Operations – Unified visibility helps customers further simplify operations, enhance agility and mitigate risks for a better user experience.

vce vxblock

Dell EMC VxRack

Dell EMC VxRack system 1000 series is a hyper converged offering that compliments Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems.

Ultimate agility and simplicity, accelerating time to value. VxRack system 1000 series has a modular design and provides flexibility to add units incrementally so you can rapidly deploy the infrastructure you need, at scale.

Flexible scale to align with business growth – with VxRack system 1000 series you can start with the right size deployment to meet today’s demands and scale up to webscale.

Mitigating business and IT risk – release certification matrix, validation and support for all VxRack system 1000 series components, help mitigate risk and give you ongoing peace of mind.

Unmatched scale – VxRack System 1000 series can participate in and scale through Vscale architecture enabling additional enterprise and service provider use cases and consumption models with hyper-converged infrastructure.

vce vxrack

VMware EVO:Rail

VMware EVO: RAIL combines compute, network, storage and management into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to deliver a smart, cost efficient, resilient all-in-one solution.

Radically simplifies your datacentre
– Orchestrate and automate the entire VM lifecycle
– Single pane of glass with easy to use UI
– Scale out in minutes
– Easy maintenance
Ensures top performance
– Fast time to value
– Flexible hardware configurations
– Cloud ready
– Best in class VMware technologies
Lowers your cost
– Small 2U footprint saves space and cooling
– Standardise and consolidate your datacentre
– 75-90% fewer steps at all phases
– Leverage existing licences
Reduces your risk
– High resiliency with four independent server nodes
– Security best practices built in
– Fully tested and integrated

Cisco UCS

Cisco’s unified computing system is ready to power your datacentre in the internet of everything.

Let application thrive – With Cisco UCS you can tune your environment to support the unique needs of each application while powering all your server work loads on a centrally managed, highly scalable system.

Innovate and accelerate – Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure solutions speed up IT operations today and create the modern technology foundation you need for initiatives like private cloud big data and desktop virtualisation.

Do more with less – Cisco brings flexibility of virtualised systems to the physical world in a way no other server architecture can, lowering and improving ROI.

cisco ucs

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