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Q: What can you offer in the data centre market to differentiate you in an increasingly homogeneous market?

Asystec, a technical integrator and distributor of information technology products and solutions in Ireland and the UK, work almost exclusively in the datacentre space.

We assist customers in driving cost and complexity from their large IT environments. In the current climate, customers have to do more with less. They have two choices with respect to their IT budget

1) to continue spending 70-80% keeping the lights on, which leads to a reduction in innovation, or

2) put in place a robust, flexible, architecture to facilitate rapid change and expansion, facilitating innovation and reverse the spend of IT budget to 25-30% maintaining.

This allows for substantial competitive advantage for customers.

With a vision of the new software defined datacentres in mind, we look to define a path for customers to go on, to improve their responsiveness to changes in the business, to reduce the overhead in managing their environments though policy-drive automation, and to manage the flood of data that IT now need to manage, backup, restore, govern, and archive.

With experienced consultants who are highly accredited in the technology sets that we represent, Signature EMC partner, VMWare Enterprise Partner, Oracle Gold Partner, Symantec Master Specialist, Varonis Data Governance Specialists, etc., we can and do advise customers on moving their datacentres to a cloud delivery model, to take advantage of the economies of doing so, and to enable a move to external providers as and when necessary.

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