Asystec are offering a Data Protection Assessment Service to our customers. Assessment of the current data protection practices and their overall domain within the organisation. While the size of an enterprise generally determines which practices, processes or technologies they employ for data protection. The goal is the same no matter what the size or makeup of the company. Data protection strives to minimise business losses due to the lack of verifiable data integrity and availability.

The service will provide an unbiased, independent assessment of your current data protection solutions and needs:

  • What is fit for purpose/strategically aligned?
  • What is causing issues/potential point of failure/not future proofed?
  • What the roadmap and path for improvement looks like, to achieve your vision?
  • What should be done next based on where you are?
  • What issues and constraints can be avoided?
  • What are the risks involved?

View the full PDF here: Data Protection Assessment Service