Having previously spent 15 years in an IT admin role I have experienced a range of issues when it comes to data recovery. Usually the role of admin was to provide availability, performance and capacity and generally backups and restores were secondary. That’s not to say they were of less importance, but usually people tended to get excited about their primary tier infrastructure performance/capacity and the concept of RPO/RTO were left as an afterthought.

That afterthought quickly became of huge importance whenever an issue arose and the anxiety of the data owner who has just lost their information was matched by the anxiety of the admin who was hoping the DR and restore procedures were working as expected.

From an admin perspective thankfully we have moved on from formatting HDDs in MB to being able to provision TB of storage but this coupled with the increased data growth being experienced by most industries, brings fresh challenges for the data protection officer and admins tasked with maintaining protection policies.

It was only after moving from a customer admin role into a pre-sales architect role in 2011 that I began to fully understand the business challenges that our customers face when it comes to this area. Yes the technology matters, the feeds and speeds are important and help drive the solution needed but its about so much more than IT. Its people, process, technology, availability, workloads, location, data classification and so on. The conversations we are having need to touch on all of these areas.

The increased value of data means that in the event of an unplanned disruption the financial cost to the business is increasing which in turn means organisations are more willing to invest in the right technology to ensure compliance and protection. The pace of change today also means that we need to future-proof our investments as best we can, it is no longer possible to maintain the status quo so we need to be able to adapt and evolve across all areas especially when it comes to data protection. The technology is out there and it’s not a one size fits all approach, it’s a matter of picking the right solution for you which makes each engagement exciting in a way I had never thought possible when talking “Backups”!.

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Kevin Stanford | Asystec Services Sales Manager