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Are Your IT Renewals A Nightmare?

IT Renewals Manager Sinead Abercrombie shares some of the most common IT maintenance nightmares that organisations face today and outlines how having a dedicated renewals manager can alleviate these issues.

Common IT Maintenance Issues

– 60-70% of quotes we receive from suppliers have an error of some description.
– Due to lack of time, orders are placed without being checked, leading to potential over-charging.
– A serial number being left off can mean a critical piece of kit is not supported.
– An incorrect support date can leave you out of support or even paying for more day’s support than you receive.
– Often different pieces of kit require varying levels of cover. If these aren’t checked it can lead to your mission-critical kit not getting the support it needs or paying for support that is too high on some items.

Why You Need a Dedicated Renewals Manager?

Most organisations don’t have dedicated personnel responsible for renewals. This often leads to reduced visibility on upcoming renewals which can have detrimental effects on your organisation.

Organisation’s without a structured renewals manager/system are at risk of;
– Losing vital support through missed renewal dates
– Incurring reinstatement fees
– Inaccurate budgetary forecasting
– Making errors due to the varied vendor processes and procedures

Asystec utilise expert knowledge and vendor relationships to offer complete renewal management across a wide range of technologies.

What Asystec Offer:

– Communication – You have one point of contact who will navigate all the various channels, processes and lead times on your behalf.
– Customised – A renewals process that is structured, consistent and individually tailored to the needs of your business.
– Reporting – Detailed quarterly reports of upcoming renewals, allows your organisation to put accurate budgets in place and spread costs as needed.
– Relationships – Unique relationships with the technology providers that allow us to better negotiate terms and pricing

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For more information on the Asystec IT  Renewals Management, contact Sinead on 0876340811 or email

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