What are the key concerns for organisations in moving to a managed security Service? - Asystec

A key concern many have is trusting a managed service to know their business, but with a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals many companies are struggling to recruit and maintain their in-house security capabilities. We’re seeing increasingly more businesses turn to service providers to deliver the effective cybersecurity strategy they need, with the skills they can’t retain in-house. They’re also able to take advantage of comprehensive global threat information, such as Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network, which monitors 10 trillion security events per year worldwide to provide visibility across the global threat landscape and provides faster event mitigation that trying to manage all in-house.

The companies Asystec work with are under pressure to drive down expenditure, so managed services offers them a more cost effective way to protect themselves. Businesses are also concerned about reputation and need the assurance that their company brand will remain protected. Many only discover they need a managed service at the time of the breach, so services help to shift companies towards a proactive approach to security, giving them the forewarning on any threats which could affect them and allowing for improved preparation and response.

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Brendan McPhillips
Brendan McPhillips – Director, Security & Governance Practice Lead

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