Just another brick in the wall:

I have heard it said that a well-managed device is a secure device, and where this binds an element of truth, it is only the beginning of the story.  When I first came to the IT arena, the security of a desktop was reported on based on the age of Anti-Virus Definitions and the number of critical OS patches it was missing, usually if it was in single figures of missing patches it was deemed ‘grand’ and if the AV had checked in that month then that was grand as well.  Security is much more than just AV and patches, the sophistication and functionality integrated into Endpoint Protection tools have provided multiple layers of protection to endpoints and users alike.  This ability to provide numerous layers of protection is complex both from an enablement and an ongoing support perspective, the more rules that are in place the harder it is to troubleshoot and the more focused an IT organisation must be on process and procedure.


What i have seen in the past is organisations have no issue in embracing new technology, they are agile and willing to protect their organisation at every step, but where they have required assistance was around how this plays through into a process.  The adoption of Security Managed Services allows IT organisations to embrace the technology and the process adoption from providers who understand the limitations and procedural focus required.  Having excelled in these layers this knowledge and experience is being brought to you rather than having to learn it.  It takes away another element of risk and provides an additional level of security to the organisation. Traditional product still has its place; however, a managed offering is another brick in the wall.  The echoes of ‘We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control’ are ringing through my head – to embrace a managed security service this is relevant, from a customer perspective you don’t need to understand the technical intricacies, the thought control transfers to the service provider to proactively report on as opposed to the additional complexities being just another tool to manage.


Asystec as a Security Managed service provider have gained experience in deploying and maintaining security products in our customer environments, we adopt the ‘Learn, Do, Review’ methodology and continually push to improve our service offerings to ensure our customer don’t have to.  We understand how to integrate security products into your environment from a process perspective as well as the technical integration.  If heard it said often ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, we know the product, we know the process.  I believe this is where Asystec and our Security Managed Service offerings show their real value, let us be ‘just another brick in the wall’.