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Managed Security Services

Asystec partner with Symantec bringing to the market the most comprehensive Managed Security Services portfolio there is available today.

Defending your enterprise from cyber threats has never been so challenging. The rise of sophisticated new targeted attacks poses a clear risk, and the rate of change continues to accelerate with new attacks, malware variants and vulnerabilities emerging every day.

Is your organisation keeping pace?

Symantec’s managed security services offers the global presence and scale to satisfy even the largest enterprises.

Advanced Security Monitoring
Incident Response

Deepsight Intelligence Services

Security Simulation

Managed Security Services

Advanced Threat Detection

Accelerate, Detection and Response – Symantec’s MSS minimises the potential business impact of advanced targeted attacks by reducing the time required to detect, prioritise and respond to security incidents

Correlate Endpoint and Network detections – Symantec’s MSS advanced threat detection and advanced endpoint security protection with external threat intelligence to pinpoint critical threats

Edge to Endpoint security – Symantec’s comprehensive big data approach to security analysis helps ensure enterprise wide visibility of potential threats by aggregating and correlating unfiltered alerts from the diverse range of security technologies across your enterprise

Pinpoint critical threats – MSS advanced threat protection cuts through the noise of false positive alerts, empowering security teams to focus their response on critical incidents

Security Intelligence

Keeping pace with the fast moving threat landscape – hackers and cyber criminals are constantly developing new attacks. These sophisticated criminals seek corporate intellectual property by developing new targeted attacks that elude detection. The Symantec global intelligence network (GIN) offers an unparalleled source of internet threat data to help identify new and evolving threats. Symantec has more than 240,000 sensors in over 200 countries monitoring attack activity

Business Value

MSS is good for bottom line – limit the cost of business disruption and data loss by reducing exposure to threats while delivering significant advantages

Flexible coverage at a predictable cost – MSS offer a predictable cost structure that facilitates operational planning. MSS can be quickly deployed ensuring your business rapidly benefits from world class security

To find out how Symantec Managed Security Services can protect your business contact us today!

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