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How can you accommodate the full range of employee owned devices, while safeguarding data and managing the apps necessary to enable enterprise mobility?

When it comes to accessing corporate data organisations have to decide on what access model they want to adopt, ranging from only being able to access data on company provided equipment on the corporate network (Zero Tolerance Model) to allowing employees use their personal devices from remote locations.

Due to the evolution of IT companies have had to evolve from the zero tolerance model which was seen to be the most effective approach as it allows organisations control over the security & access employees have on their devices. However due to the proliferation of mobile devices and the changes in work practices we have to enable employees to access corporate data from one of their many personal devices – be that laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Having a robust but flexible access strategy in place provides your employees the flexibility to do their work from multiple access points while also ensuring tight security & management and ultimately increasing productivity.

Using appropriate BYOD tools will allow organisations to separate corporate and personal data on devices and also configure policies to prevent data collection from personal email, content or applications on employee owned devices.

There are some excellent products in the market that allow companies containerise applications to ensure they have control over what they need and the user has the privacy they require. Airwatch from VMware is an excellent example of a mobile device management platform that can compartmentalise and manage enterprise applications and data without having to manage the entire device. IT Administrators can remove internal apps and corporate content from devices upon end user departure and if a device has been compromised a remote wipe can take place. Tools like this allow IT to safeguard data and provide the level of control required in the landscape of increasing threats without being a blocker to the ever increasing mobile workforce. Asystec have a specialised VMware team that can help you implement an enterprise mobile strategy.

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Carrie Morris – VMware Account Manager

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