Leitrim-born Emer joined the Asystec Marketing team in 2018. Specialising in event management and public relations, and experienced in the service industry, Emer takes time out of her day to share her business journey with us.

Thinking back to how I ended up on my current career path, it was more good luck than anything. I really didn’t know what career I wanted to embark on when I was in school and I recall my career guidance teacher telling me that a business degree would never send me too far wrong.

I ended up in studying ‘Event Management with Public Relations’ in GMIT, Galway and loved the course. After I graduated, I continued on to get a further degree in Business Management. The course was really broad and covered sales, marketing and HR, so it really opened up so many doors for me in terms of my future career possibilities.

I was very lucky that straight out of college I secured a position doing Sales and Marketing in a 4* hotel in Sligo. I worked in the hotel for over 2 years, predominantly focused on wedding sales, event coordination, radio and print advertising and other traditional media marketing. It was fantastic to get experience and have an opportunity to apply my college learnings in a workplace and expand my expertise, but in regards budgets and resources the position lacked heavily. It was frustrating to have ideas and visions that I couldn’t bring to life as I didn’t have access to the resources needed to do so.

I recall one time I had decided to create a new wedding package to aid wedding sales and I wanted to design a flyer to promote the package at an upcoming wedding fayre. With no budget to reach out to a graphic designer, and no tools to create quality images in-house, I remember having to create a flyer using Microsoft Word and simply cutting and pasting to make do with what I could. 🙈 At the time I hadn’t really known any better, but looking back now the lack of technology really held me back and now I could never join a workplace that had those same barriers.

After 2 years in the hospitality industry, (and my fair share of stressful weddings), I knew that Marketing was the area I wanted to pursue and so I started working for engineering firm LotusWorks. I remember initially being a bit thrown due to not having experience with some of the technological tools available to me (PremierPro, Illustrator, Analytics, etc), but once I got used to things it’s amazing how much more efficiently and effectively I could do my job. I was lucky to be surrounded by really smart people who were willing to impart their business knowledge and guidance to help me grow and push forward in my career. To this day I always say that I learned more in that 18 months than I did my 4 years in college.

In summer 2018 I left Lovely Leitrim and joined Asystec in Lovely Limerick. (Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it 😊). With no tech background I was a little worried, but with a great team around me I jumped straight into the role and am really enjoying how diverse and varied my day-to-day work is. My role is really hands-on and thankfully I have an array of platforms and software’s to help me do my job to the best of my abilities. We do 90% of all marketing activities in-house including graphic design, social media, advertising, etc. so having the right technology to support that makes a world of difference.

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