A Limerick woman born and raised, and proud to still call it her home, Sinéad takes us through her career to date and life in Asystec.

I’ve lived in Limerick my entire life; I studied Marketing at Limerick Institute of Technology so even then I didn’t venture too far. I have always been very creative, I’ve always loved art and used to perform contemporary dance, so thinking back it was that creative side of me which initially led me down the marketing path.

After graduation I was lucky to secure a marketing role relatively quickly as I jumped headfirst into applying my learnings in a real work environment. While I was proving successful and proficient in my role, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t enjoying the work.  Having realised that I couldn’t continue down a career path that made me unhappy, I decided to re-evaluate what direction my career was going to go in.

I drew on previous roles to try pinpoint what elements of work I excelled at and what areas I most enjoyed. I had worked in the retail industry since I was 16, first in a sports stores before moving into more high-end luxury brand stores (one was even during a brief stint in America, so rest assured I have actually left Limerick a few times 😉). As I matured and gained experience in retail, honing my customer service skills, I found I really had enjoyed engaging with the customers and the social aspect of selling.  Thinking back on my college course content, sales & marketing had always been taught hand in hand, and I came to realise that it had been sales that had appealed to me all along.

With my new career aspirations in mind, the job hunt commenced, and thankfully very quickly I came across an open position with Asystec. I was delighted to secure a role as Junior Account Manager/Business Development with Asystec.

The first few weeks in the role were daunting as the IT world was so foreign to me. After being thrown in at the deep end, I remember initially thinking ‘what have I gotten myself into!’ and I must credit my new Asystec colleagues for helping me find my feet – it made a real difference. What I enjoy most about my role is the entrepreneurial spirit that is a big part of the Asystec culture. I have the freedom to put forward new ideas and through trial and error, I was able to figure out what works best for me. I can do my work however suits me best – it’s like running my own mini business.  I worked closely with various departments within Asystec and after 6 months we decided that the Renewals Department was where I fit best. I soon found out that attention to detail was one of my strongest traits. I am one of the few people that actually enjoys excel and cross referencing through various spreadsheets. Being a Renewals Manager is the perfect job for me!

I find I work best at varying hours of the day; sometimes really early in the morning is my most productive, and other times I’ll find myself really motivated to complete a certain task in the evening time!  With our global customer portfolio, I had to be able to work to numerous time zones so it’s imperative to my role that I can work remotely at any time in any place. It would be a nightmare if I had to drive to the office to access my files locally.

I’m a real go-getter and I’ve always had the attitude if I can get something done now, and tick it off the to-do list, then I’ll just do it. If I have a spare 30 minutes on a Saturday morning, it’s great to be able to go online and get a head start on the week ahead.

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