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Carrie Morris, Asystec Cloud Infrastructure Solutions, talks to TechPro about the value of Network Assessments and what to prioritise when it comes to the safety of your organisation.


Security Decisions – What to prioritise?

When it comes to security decisions organisations struggle to keep up with the demands being placed upon them. The rapid adoption of IOT networks & deceives and a highly mobile workforce mean network vulnerabilities are increasing at an alarming rate. Understanding the activity in the Network is key to ensuring, not if, but when an attack happens, and how to lock it down. Traditional approaches to Data Centre security are focused on building a strong perimeter to keep threats outside the Network, however little is done to understand what is happening within it. To prioritise Security decisions, organisations need to understand where their vulnerabilities are, and concentrate on managing these vulnerabilities.

A Network Assessment will analyse the traffic pattern in your Data Centre giving you visibility of security risks, pinpointing any issues, and allowing you to put in place a plan to address those issues and secure your organisation.


What will you get from a Network Assessment

  • Insights on your security risk in your environment
  • A preview of actionable micro-segmentation recommendations
  • Opportunities to optimize your network
  • Comprehensive net flow assessment and analysis to model security groups and firewall rules
  • Recommendations to make micro-segmentation easier to deploy


How can Asystec Help?

The volume of attacks continues to increase daily and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay on top of emerging risks. Having a deep insight into your Network Traffic is key to any security strategy. Data Management Solutions company Asystec, together with key partners, can offer solutions that will give organisations the ability to manage enterprise risk and compliance issues whether in a physical or virtual environment across the datacentre.

For further information on a Network Assessment or to book your free assessment, contact Carrie on

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