What one piece of advice would you give an organisation that is embarking on a converged infrastructure deployment alongside existing IT infrastructure? - Asystec


The one piece of advice I would give is to start with smaller non-critical or developmental applications upfront. This allows all groups from storage, application, network and various support teams to become well versed and familiar in the management, deployment and performance of a converged infrastructure. This approach allows for the gradual movement or migration of more critical applications from an existing infrastructure to the converged setup over time. Over a period of time the converged infrastructure will become the ‘Normal’ deployment and not the ‘Exception’ deployment within the organization. Organizations today are looking for a single infrastructure to house all internal applications from analytics to email and it now possible to have this with some of the more enterprise ready converged instances.

When choosing the correct converged infrastructure the key stakeholders should ensure that it can both scale out and up so as to meet the ever increasing demand for resources from a compute, ram and storage perspective. There are various different flavors and models available within the converged space but try and ensure a single system, support and contact is in place. In case of issues having a single number to call greatly aids in resolution time as well as support for all components within the infrastructure.

There are some organizations that do build their own instances but this is an extremely tedious, time consuming task which results a lot of the time in a more traditional setup rather than a true converged instance.

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Kevin O Leary
Kevin O’ Leary, Senior Solutions Architect

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