RSA Identity and Access Management - Asystec

RSA VIA Lifecycle and Governance

Centralise and automate identity lifecycle management, policy enforcement and provisioning.

RSA VIA Governance is software that enables your organisation to review and validate user access, ensuring its appropriate based on policies, business roles and job functions. It empowers managers to determine whether a user should maintain access or have it revoked.

RSA VIA Lifecycle is a software that simplifies access delivery and governance across the enterprise with automated business friendly interface for requesting, approving and provisioning user access.

RSA Business Role Manager is software that enables organisations to implement a role based approach to governing user access including role discovery, modelling and management. This enables a collaborative approach, encouraging cooperation between IT, information security and lines of business.

RSA Data Access is software that enables organisations to extend access governance to unstructured data providing the same level of access visibility and control for data resources as applications and platforms.

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