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Security teams constantly need to adapt to stay ahead of attackers and the latest threats, but over the last few years this has become much more difficult. Attackers continue to advance and use sophisticated and highly targeted techniques to infiltrate organisations.

They spend significant resources performing reconnaissance to learn about organisations and develop techniques specifically to bypass the security systems in use. The result of this is:

  • Security teams are unable to identify attacks that significantly impact their organisation.
  • Security teams don’t have the size or expertise to keep up with attacks.
  • Current installed monitoring tools such SIEM solutions are failing to meet the organisations’ needs.
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Asystec partner with RSA in the Security Analytics space bringing to the market a solution that focuses on these most critical tasks with complete end to end incident management in minutes, not hours, including network flow information.

Flexible, modular approach..

Most security teams seldom have the budget, bandwidth or desire to ‘rip and replace’ their existing security tools that are providing some value or simply fulfilling a compliance requirement.

As security organisations evolve their need to improve their ability to detect and respond to security incidents the modular architecture of RSA Security Analytics allows them to solve specific problems and integrate with their existing environment and then expand or evolve.

The RSA Analytics provides the security team a flexible, modular approach to meet several use cases:

Complete Visibility and rapid investigations through network forensics

Analytic capabilities way beyond SIEM and its log centric approach

Keep current with compliance mandates with built-in compliance templates
rsa security analytics

Complete visibility – Endpoint to the Cloud…

RSA Security Analytics provides a single monitoring platform to gain the visibility organisations need, combining logs (both from cloud environments and on premise), network (both packets and Netflow) and endpoint visibility to see what is happening across the enterprise.

This makes it easier to view the environment in totality, rather than in piecemeal making the analyst more efficient with a much greater chance of detecting attacks.

Since all these capabilities are in a single tool, there is also less deployment risk due to incompatibility and cross-product integration.

Capture time data enrichment

Integrate threat intelligence via RSA live

Scale linearly

targeted action on important incidents…

Investigate down to the finest detail – RSA Security Analytics allows analysts to investigate incidents rapidly down to the most granular level of detail to understand exactly what is happening and what to do about it

Prioritised and unified analyst workflow – provided by the native incident management capability gives analysts the ability to focus on their most critical tasks and complete end-to-end incident management in minutes, not hours

Integrate SOC best practices


Provides a single platform for capturing and analysing large amounts of network, log, event and other data

Powerful streaming analytics for incident detection and alerting
Integration with RSA ECAT to extend detection and investigations to endpoints

Integration with RSA Security Operations Management for incident remediation

Automatically generates alerts to suspicious behaviour by applying analytics and by leveraging external threat intelligence fused with internally collected security data

RSA Live Provides: security reports, open source community intelligence command and control reports, exploit kit identification, blacklists, APT tagged domains, suspicious proxies and others

Applies business context to security investigations helping analysts better prioritise their work

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