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In your experience, which area of the evolving network technology landscape are Irish organisations struggling with, and what can you do to help?

Software defined networking is the biggest change in the IT Industry in years. Historically, the “plumbing” of the IT industry has been static and slow to implement change due to the inherent risk in modifying it. This has led to many organisational challenges, impediments to the development process, delays in projects, and an ever increasing attack surface; increasing organisational risk. These areas, development, business innovation, and security are all potentially solved by moving the network stack into the software realm, where computing, and storage have been mature for years.


However, the mechanisms, means and products are all quite challenging for IT organisations to come to grips with. Overcoming resistance to change from teams that may not have experience in this area, and consequently need to be educated, as to the change in mind-set needed understand the daunting world of software defined networking.


Technologies such as NSX and ACI are quite mature at this stage. For instance, NSX has been successfully deployed in major financial institutions, government and military organisations, and other highly regulated environments. One of the best use cases for these environments is micro-segmentation. Moving the security profile for applications from the old mind-set of extremely strong perimeter security with little, to no filtering once past the edge. Micro-segmentation, changes this by deploying perimeter security with each application and environment.


When the security profile and application are paired, the underlying network itself must be addressed. NSX solves this problem by leveraging native virtualised logical switching technology, based on Distributed virtual switches, and the VXLAN standard, allowing Layer-2 networks to be moved and stretched across data centres.


Combining these elements opens the flood gates, these designs can be modelled, driven by policy, and automated. Deploying an entire infrastructure, its configurations, compute, storage, and applications to various on premise physical infrastructures, new data centres, and even public cloud providers.


Asystec has experience building these systems in green-field environments, as well as analysing legacy infrastructures and designing deployment and migration plans to ensure that your organisation’s adoption of these technologies are successful, beneficial, and transformational.


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Matthew A. R. Sherian Senior Automation and Virtualisation Consultant


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