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Challenges with Unstructured Data

With the exponential growth of data, unstructured data organisations are facing a big challenge to manage this growth and the underlying risks. These risks include how to protect their data, meet regulatory requirements while also extracting value from the data. Data has often been called the new oil. I am not sure if I completely […]

The Persistency Question with Virtual Desktops and Applications

The Persistency Question with Virtual Desktops and Applications It’s a question that comes up a lot in discussions with customers: ‘Should I use persistent or non-persistent desktops?’. It is a question that has been around for well over a decade but as technologies in this area improve the question re-emerges.   Quick Definitions Persistency and non-persistency […]

ROBO Solutions: Part 3 – NSX from a ROBO context

ROBO Solutions – The SDDC Perspective: NSX from a ROBO context We have seen in part 1 some of the common ROBO Solution licensing gotchas that can confuse businesses looking to price a Software Defined Datacentre ROBO Solution. In part 2 we have seen how vSAN ROBO HCI solutions can be simple, robust and consistent, […]

ROBO Solutions: Part 2 -VMware vSAN from a ROBO context

ROBO Solutions – The SDDC Perspective: Part 2 VMware vSAN from a ROBO context What makes VMware vSAN th e ideal technology candidate for any ROBO Solution? Remote office environments often require shared storage whilst also trying to lower the total cost of ownership of the environment. vSAN simplifies performance and availability to storage policy attributes […]

ROBO Solutions: Part 1 – Dispelling the Myths of ROBO Licensing

ROBO Solutions – The SDDC Perspective: Part 1 Dispelling the Myths of ROBO Licensing Are you wondering what VMware technologies are available for your remote sites? And are you trying to determine will the solutions for your remote sites be cost effective while at the same time delivering true value add to the business? Then […]

The Role of the GDPR Data Protection Officer

With the upcoming implementation of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on the 25th May 2018, it is time to get to know the specifics of GDPR, and how it will affect you and your business. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is an important part of the new regulations and will be an essential asset to […]

Personal Data Definition GDPR

With the implementation of new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies need to educate themselves about what exactly is required of them to avoid substantial fines. In order to maintain compliance with the new regulations, organisations need to understand precisely the definitions included in the rhetoric released in the GDPR articles. The definition of ‘Personal […]

As a trusted technology partner, how do you help customers begin or continue their digital transformation journey?

Digital Transformation is at it’s core a business transformation journey and an evolution on how successful businesses are operating to ensure business products and services reach their target market from, inception to release in an agile manner, without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. The need this transformation stems from the change of behaviour of the […]

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