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The Role of the GDPR Data Protection Officer

With the upcoming implementation of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on the 25th May 2018, it is time to get to know the specifics of GDPR, and how it will affect you and your business. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is an important part of the new regulations and will be an essential asset to […]

Personal Data Definition GDPR

With the implementation of new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies need to educate themselves about what exactly is required of them to avoid substantial fines. In order to maintain compliance with the new regulations, organisations need to understand precisely the definitions included in the rhetoric released in the GDPR articles. The definition of ‘Personal […]

As a trusted technology partner, how do you help customers begin or continue their digital transformation journey?

Digital Transformation is at it’s core a business transformation journey and an evolution on how successful businesses are operating to ensure business products and services reach their target market from, inception to release in an agile manner, without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. The need this transformation stems from the change of behaviour of the […]


Question: What are the new features or capabilities in either smart connected devices or EMM systems from which Irish organisations are deriving the greatest value? Mobility in the workplace is a continuing demand on enterprise IT and with predictions for this area indicating continued growth, year on year, mobile isn’t new anymore, it’s the new normal. […]

Network Virtualisation: An opportunity for real competitive advantage

In 2002, virtualisation transformed the world of IT by abstracting applications from the underlying hardware. Now, the same effect is happening at the network, as the network virtualisation gives the ability to create logical networks that are decoupled from the physical infrastructure. There are several business benefits to network virtualisation. One is reduced time to market […]

Data data – wherefore art thou data?

Surprisingly, even with all the talks and events circulating with regard to the ‘looming’ GDPR, a lot of companies that we talk to have no plans in place to address the strict regulations. Even more surprising is that we still hear ‘what’s that?’ when we mention the all-encompassing data regulations. May 25th 2018 is ages […]

Journey to the digital workspace

Date: 22/09/2016 Location: The Fitzwilliam Hotel, Stephens Green, Dublin Time: 9.15am-1pm (followed by lunch) Consumer Simple – Enterprise Secure  The consumerisation of IT has increased the potential for digital disruption across many industries.  While this move towards a flexible end-user experience delivers benefits to an organisation such as agility, collaboration and staff retention, it also […]

What one piece of advice would you give an organisation that is embarking on a converged infrastructure deployment alongside existing IT infrastructure?

  The one piece of advice I would give is to start with smaller non-critical or developmental applications upfront. This allows all groups from storage, application, network and various support teams to become well versed and familiar in the management, deployment and performance of a converged infrastructure. This approach allows for the gradual movement or […]

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