Les Byrne, Asystec Managing Director talks to TechPro Magazine, sharing his expertise on the cloud challenge and disicussing what lies ahead for Asystec for 2019 and beyond!

Over the past 12 months, there has been growing adoption, and execution, of cloud strategies among many organisations. At the same time, they’re also discovering that moving from on-premise IT to the cloud brings challenges in making this transition effectively, securely and in a controlled and managed way.

This is happening against the backdrop of a technology environment that is becoming ever more complex, which is driving business to make greater demands of IT. In many cases, businesses have recently bypassed the traditional IT function because they perceived that it was slow to adapt to changing requirements. This is shadow IT as the path of least resistance; a user or department adopts a cloud technology like AWS or a file sharing platform. Instead of reprimanding them, the business presents this scenario back to their IT departments as a fait accompli: ‘this is what the business needs, now it’s your job to manage it’.

A lot of IT departments have had to come to terms with this new world. Business needs mean they must have the ability to scale up or down quickly. Yet at the same time, IT is tasked with ensuring there are robust security policies in place around this technology to ensure data integrity and data security, while meeting strict compliance requirements.

This a considerable challenge to meet, and it’s where the software-defined datacentre, or hyper-converged infrastructure, can help. It reduces complexity and increases automation, control and governance of data, moving in and out of the cloud. At Asystec, we use technologies built on VMware and its CloudHealth and Automation software stack. This is a management layer above the on-premise environment and acts as a broker that allows IT professionals to bring data into a cloud environment, or back out, with full visibility over that data.

Since our foundation in 2011, Asystec’s focus on aligning with the best of breed market leading vendors, in order to deliver the most value to the customer has driven consistent growth. We now employ 45 people, and our 2018 revenues of €45 million are testament to our high levels of service delivery, backed by highly skilled and certified staff. In addition to three offices in Ireland, we delivered some high-end automation projects that led us to establishing a presence in the US market last year with an office in Minnesota.

Asystec were the first partner to install a VMware software-defined datacentre in Europe, and we have since made further progress with this technology in the financial services sector where the demands around data governance are especially stringent. In 2018, we were awarded VMware Northern EMEA Transformational Partner of the Year, adding to our 2017 accolade; VMware Partner of Year UK and Ireland.

The demand for Hyper-Converged technology is increasing among many businesses. Over the past year, this part of our business has grown by close to 200% and we expect further growth as the technology becomes able to support larger workloads – from 10-15 nodes today, to hundreds of nodes in the near future. In turn, Asystec are focusing around a small number of niche technologies and deepening our skillset in them.

Large financial services providers or multinationals typically have their own large IT teams, but most of them are involved in day-to-day management of the infrastructure. They turn to companies like Asystec to handle aspects like design, architecture, handover, training and education, utilising our skills and expertise to add value to their own IT teams.

– Les Byrne, Managing Director, Asystec