In this current climate it is easy to be overwhelmed with technology. There is an app, a solution, a multitude of providers offering a technology fix for every problem that exists (and sometimes even for problems that don’t exist!).  It can be very confusing for companies to know what is enough and where to draw the line. Do I need to purchase every new emerging technology to keep threats at bay?

In Asystec, we have always believed in providing ‘best of breed’ technologies. We partner with only the premier suppliers for each of the technologies we provide. Having a small repertoire of technologies allows our engineers to focus on that technology and be the best in their field.

In my opinion the same philosophy should be adopted by business end users. Why should you have ten different cheaper products when there may be one or two high end products that are capable of covering all the capabilities of a multitude of other products. A truly valuable technology is one that can be expanded upon, via bolt on modules, one that can grow with your company rather than something that ends up on the scrap heap of technologies in 2 years.

Another benefit of not having a plethora of technologies for your staff to deal with, is that they can truly focus on one technology and be experts in the field of its use, instead of being the overworked sys admin that is a jack of all techs but master of none.

I work primarily with one technology on a day to day basis which allows me to excel in its use. By knowing the technology inside and out I can then pass on my knowledge during training sessions in a clear and simple way. As it’s said, ‘If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t truly understand it’.

That same technology also allows businesses to start off small, with one or two modules, and to grow the technology as the company grows. By using a technology that grows with you, there should truly be no reason that this technology will be ever retired.

– Michael Spillane
| Asystec | Applications Specialist