We are living in an age that produces tons upon tons of waste each and every day and the use of plastic products is at an all-time high. As we try to become more sociably responsible we all face the daily dilemma of how we can try to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our waste?

The Asystec Clean Green Programme last launched just over a month ago and has now been implemented in all our office locations. We now have our recycling centre in place and we are striving to become as paperless as possible. But modern times have modern requirements, and machines such as the office printer/copier is something we currently can’t do without, in-turn producing waste bi-products in the office environment. While we know waste paper can be popped in the recycling bin in the offices, I wondered can we see if we can recycle the printer cartridges?

With this in mind I found a company called Infotone who go one better than recycling the cartridge. Infotone will collect unused or empty printer cartridges and re-manufacture them into new cartridges. In return for Asystec giving Infotone the unwanted cartridges, infotone value the cartridges and offer this monetary sum to Asystec who can choose to take the money for the company or donate it to one of Infotone’s partner charities. Asystec were proud to donate their cartridge monetary value to Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

A Licenced Waste Carrier, Asystec will also receive proof of the donation and a waste transfer note when Infotone check our collection into their warehouse, it may not be of huge monitory value, but every little bit helps. Helping our planet and also helping out a deserving local charity; a win-win situation for Asystec.

If you might be interested in donating your office printer cartridges to be upcycled and re-manufactured why not contact Infotone – Here is the link with all the information you will need! http://www.infotone.ie/recycling

Happy Recycling Everyone


Louise O’Farrell | Asystec Office Manager